Greetings, EmComm’ers –

There will not be an EmComm meeting this coming Saturday, April 24, which would be our normal 4th Saturday meeting.  I figured we can use a break after our two-day communication support mission for the Desert RATS Running Festival last weekend.  We’ll resume next month in May.

Thanks to all the EmComm/ARES members who participated in the Desert RATS event.  We had a good time and had a chance to practice our skills despite the cold and wind on Saturday.  Thanks to Henry KB0SNI for setting up a crossband repeater to reach some of the more distant aid stations.  Randy KD0NSP and Ray KF0DMD staffed Troybuilt, Dick KD0ESZ and Ben KI7JKX held down Moore Fun, Henry KB0SNI and David N5WNE took care of Crossroads and Pizza Overlook.  Ken KF0BGO, Bill K0UK, Paul N2COL, Forrest AD0XC and I had the tough job of working Start/Finish.  Hey, someone had to keep an eye on the food tent!  We enjoyed having a couple of our newer hams jump in and work the mic.  Everyone did great, and we’re looking forward to the next one.  I appreciate Al WA4HND letting me join in the fun this year.

I hope you all had a chance to look at the Comm Academy 2021 presentations a couple of weekends ago.  There were some good speakers, and all of the presentations are online at  Take a minute to check them out – there was something for everyone. 

Stay safe, and listen to those radios!

Thanks, Chip N0WKR

Chip Ferron NØWKR
Emergency Coordinator
Colorado ARES
Region 9 – Northwest Colorado