Colorado ARES Members,

The Army MARS program is conducting monthly 60 Meters Operations to interoperate with the amateur community throughout the rest of 2021. 

The “nets” will be conducted the first week of each month.  The next net will be 07 April 2021.

Operations are planned for 60m Channel 1 (5330.50 kHz USB).

Amateur operators are also encouraged to monitor WWV at 10 mins (WWVH at 50 mins) after the hour for MARS broadcasts.

As mentioned above, the MARS exercises will occur the first week of each month during 2021.

  • Army MARS stations will operate daily Wednesdays through Sundays. Different Region 8 stations will act as NCS using “Hotel One” as a call sign. 
    • Wednesday (2000 MDT)
    • Thursday (1200 and 2000 MDT)
    • Friday (1200 and 2000 MDT)
    • Saturday (1200 and 2000 MDT)
  • Air Force MARS will operate daily Sundays through Wednesdays.
    • We have not received a list of hours of operation or other details for the Air Force MARS nets.

Thank you for your service.



Jon Blome – KF0JB
Section Emergency Coordinator
Colorado ARES